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Health plans and providers want to provide the best, most timely care for their patients. Unfortunately, utilization management tools, like prior authorizations, continue to rely on manual processes and analog technologies that create administrative burdens, delaying timely patient care services while driving up costs for plans and providers.

Availity is empowering health plans and their provider networks to speed the prior authorizations process from days to seconds. Using solutions driven by automation and artificial intelligence, health plans can deliver unprecedented control, transparency, and scale to their organization, provider network, and members.

Availity has curated resources to help your organization take control of your utilization management program with business intelligence that improves care management and drives innovation across your organization, including:

  • Reduce the time, cost, and resources required to manage authorizations.
  • Mitigate abrasion in your provider network.
  • Enhance care experiences for members.
  • Enable authorizations by exception.
  • Stay ahead of the latest trends and best practices in clinical data management.


Transform Your Prior Authorization Strategy


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    End-to-End Authorizations

    Learn how electronic, automated, and intelligent tools are changing the authorizations game

    Prior authorizations, a critical tool of utilization management, are necessary for establishing checks and balances in the healthcare system. Unfortunately, too many providers and health plans consider the prior authorization process, which relies heavily on manual interventions and analog technologies, burdensome and a potential impediment to timely patient care. This white paper focuses on Availity’s suite of solutions that streamline the critical functions of the prior authorization process and, thanks to API protocols, empowers providers to manage prior authorizations and respond to prompts in their workflow.

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    Points of Light

    Simplifying the Prior Authorization Process through Automation

    In this KLAS Point of Light Award-winning case study, Availity collaborated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Itiliti Health, and Mayo Clinic to develop a more automated, self-service solution that allows providers to determine whether a given service requires prior authorization, submit a request, and receive a determination - all within an EHR-based workflow.

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