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With AI-powered predictive Editing

Predictive editing, available in Essentials Pro, our premium end-to-end RCM solution, uses the power of AI to analyze trends from millions of claims. With stunning precision, this innovative technology can predict claims likely to be denied, stopping them from straining your resources. RCM is hard enough. Let us take denials off your plate.

Reduce Administrative Cost and Effort

Increase Edit Coverage

Adapt Quickly to Payment Trends

Step 1: Make denials a thing of the past.

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Recovering lost time and revenue starts with a well-informed plan.

Product Sheet

Catch a glimpse of how we leverage the power of AI to avoid denials, transform your submission workflow, and reclaim revenue.

Case Study

During its proof of concept, predictive editing analyzed more than 102 million claims and predicted more than $828 million in charges on fixable claims that payers would have denied.

Get to Know Essentials Pro

Predictive editing is a supercharger on an RCM sports car. Availity Provider customers have achieved a 98% clean-claims rate with Essentials Pro. Find out how you can too.


The first step to surviving the harsh landscape of denials is understanding them. Our eBook is an essential resource on your denial management journey.

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In the world of Revenue Cycle Management, we're your people. With over a century of combined RCM experience, our experts will guide you through implementing predictive editing into your RCM strategy. We know you only have 2 hands, but this team will make you feel like you have at least 4.

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